Clean Air Ducts for a Cleaner Home

Air conditioning for many is essential. If temperatures start to rise, there is a need for a system that can keep a flow of cool fresh air circulating around a building. The same may be true of heating systems in the winter. Air conditioning is found both at home and in commercial buildings. But just how “fresh” is this air that is constantly circulating around any building? What has been building up in air ducts and filters over many months? Have there been an increase in unexplained headaches, are there more colds and flu. Are people with respiratory problems like asthma having more attacks? All this could be down to a filthy air conditioning or HVAC system.

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Medical Background

It is wise to clean air ducts and related equipment regularly to prevent health risk build up, starting with dust. This can consist of human skin particles, decomposing bits of insects, food waste, and fibers from clothes. A lot could come from household pets. Soil brought indoors is another major source of dust. This can result in bacteria, molds and fungi entering or staying in a building. Of real concern are dust mites. These can provoke very powerful allergic reactions in some people. Very young children are highly susceptible to dust in the atmosphere. This could well result in illnesses.

Air from outside smogs and polluted air will circulate around a house or building if ducts and filters are not cleaned regularly.

Dead squirrels, rodents, birds and insects could well be found in air ducts. They find their way in there and can’t get out. These could contain quite serious bacteria which will then be sent via an air conditioning/HVAC system all around a building. It has been estimated that a six-room house can generate 40lbs of dust a year, in its air ducts.

There is another consideration as well. This will start to put a strain on any air conditioning/HVAC system. This will mean more power will have to used to move any air around. The result will probably mean higher power bills and maintenance problems. This is the result of the system being put under strain.

Services Offered

The system is based on a simple concept. A hose is run from a specially converted truck outside of a building. This is connected directly into the internal HVAC ducting. The truck acts as a vacuum cleaner. A power vacuum pump in the truck then sucks clean the entire system, just like a vacuum cleaner. This will suck out the bulk of dirt and debris. Special brushes can then be attached to the hose to sweep out any remaining contaminates.

It should not end just with this. The whole HVAC system has to be kept clean. The “blower” and “evaporator coil” will be cleaned along with individual ducts. What is also very critical are any filters there may be in the system. These could get very dirty and only add further to spreading dirt around any system. Vent covers and filters are thoroughly cleaned and replaced.

This cleaning service is also available for dryer vents, and chimneys

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