How Important is Property Styling?

In a top agents survey conducted in Australia, it was revealed that property styling can boost the final home price by up to 12 percent! Therefore, it is an eye opener as to the significance of services provided by property styling Melbourne companies offer to home sellers. Whether you are renting your property or selling it, you can gain a lot of benefits by tapping into the services of property stylers for your home.
For those considering to use the services of property styling Melbourne companies have today, it is important to investigate when it makes sense to use such service. According to top real estate agents, proper styling can make your home more appealing to buyers. It also increases the overall value of your home based on the fact that there are more buyers likely to go after it. To better understand why real estate agents are making a big deal out of property styling, put yourself in the shoes of a would-be home buyer. What kind of impression do you make a messy, dirty and filthy home? Then, you compare that impression when you walk into a properly decorated and styled home? Of course, your natural inclination will tell you that the latter is a better and more suitable investment than the first one. This is how the premise of property styling works.
Contrary to popular belief, though, home styling is more than just decorating your home. You have to look past the aesthetics (although it also plays an integral part). You must also give attention to the overall integrity and durability of the home. Are the ceiling, walls and other parts showing signs of wear? Is there anything that you need to fix before you stage it for buyers? Again, even the smallest detail can impact the overall value of your home and buyers are quick to see that!
Choosing to work with a professional property styling Melbourne has to offer will simplify the process of preparing your home for staging. When you take the DIY route, there is a possibility for you to over-do the accessorizing of your home. In some cases, you could end up buying items that do not fit into the overall design theme or interior decor concept. It can turn off the buyers as much as a house that is not properly staged. Meanwhile, a professional has the eye and knowledge for designing a home for staging. After all, they’ve staged several homes in the past and know what appeals to buyers (and what doesn’t). You can, therefore, leverage that knowledge in order to do what is right for your home.
Aside from increasing the overall value of the property, home styling can also help you gain a quicker sale. Sale can come in quickly since there will be more bidders for your home. And when there are more interested parties, it will be advantageous on your part since you can choose the most favorable offer to help you gain more profit. The next time you think twice about home styling, don’t. These benefits are hard to deny and even professional real estate agents can attest to that! Check out

Post Author: Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson