Sydney Removals are not a problem

Any type of removal can be stressful. If you are moving home, or an office is being relocated elsewhere, there is a lot of work that has to be undertaken. There has to be assurances that everything will be moved efficiently and any damage will be kept to an absolute minimum. Therefore a Sydney removals company can provide this service.

Services on Offer

For example, a Sydney removals company offers the following service:

This service operates across the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Removals of all kinds can be undertaken. There are a variety of trucks available to suit individual removal needs. So, difficult locations, with narrow city streets, can be readily accessed.

Each truck comes with a full set of tools. Therefore, items such as furniture can be quickly and carefully moved. All possessions and items will be packed carefully in the removal van and wrapped with blankets.

Prior to the removal day, an inspection can be made of the property and the items that need to be removed. The following materials can also be supplied, bubble wrap, marker pens, sofa and mattress covers. This also includes scissors, tape, tissue paper and newspapers. Specialist cartons are also on offer to provide maximum protection for any of the goods packed away.

All these can be provided. However, it might be a good idea to start packing early on. Cartons and card board boxes can be found at places like super markets. If a removal has been planned a long way in advance, it makes good sense to start packing any non essential items earlier on, to prevent a last minute rush.

Linked to this is the need to plan room by room. In a house, maybe start with a spare bedroom, garage, and the attic or loft. Then follow this up by systematically going round each room and starting to pack things away.

Special boxes can be provided to protect heavier possessions such as books, records and some food items. Large bulky and possibly fragile goods such as mattresses, coffee tables and especially mirrors, will need special cartons for protection.

Obvious Advice but also Critical Advice

During a removal with a Sydney Removals company, follow this advice:

  • Thoroughly tape the bottom of any box or carton to prevent items falling through.
  • Heavier items should also be placed at the bottom and lighter items at the top in any removal van or truck.
  • Use as much paper as possible wrapping fragile items such as vases etc.
  • Place items vertically such as wine glasses etc. Do not lay these down at an angle, or upside down. Again wrap these goods up with lots of paper.
  • Fill cartons or packing boxes to the top. Do not over fill, as there will be problems closing the cartons. This could lead to later damage. Underfilling a box or carton, could lead to items moving around. This could also cause damage to anything in these boxes.
  • All boxes and cartons must be tightly sealed once packed.
  • Labeling: Preferably use a permanent marker. List what is in each carton. Mark with an arrow to show which way up the box should go. Note if the contents are fragile.

Post Author: Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson