Top Exercises to Improve Mobility for Seniors in Aged Care

Workout and exercise benefit everyone, including older grown-ups. You can start slowly and establish your goal if you have not been active. Working out is so important in boosting the quality of your life when you do it regularly. It reduces stress, raises the frame of mind, and helps you sleep better. It can keep you looking more vibrant throughout your entire life. When choosing a Brighton aged care centre, check workout programs available for seniors.

Following a workout regimen is key to achieving desired results. But performing severe exercises may have unfavourable results. Your seniors may have problems with muscle or tendon tension, loss of lean tissue, and fitness plateau. If they wish to workout, check if the Brighton aged care facility has an exercise program. This will assure you that your ageing loved ones will have a healthy mind and body even while in an aged care centre.
Below are easy workout routines to make ageing people become healthier:
  • Knee extensions, with or without weights. Knee extension exercises will help improve their knees. As a result, their balance is also improved. This will reduce their risk of falling or tripping on objects. Knee extensions help strengthen their knees so they can climb up the stairs with ease. This can be done while sitting with the back straight and knees bent. If your seniors are able, check the Brighton aged care centre about their workout regimen.
  • Partial squat, and half-squat against a wall. Bending exercises help increase hip flexibility. This also improves hip flexors and quadriceps. As a result, your seniors can walk and stand from a seated position with ease. Their balance and stability will likewise improve. You will not have to worry about your seniors falling or tripping once their balance is enhanced.
  • Two shoulder exercises. Centres that offer Brighton aged care services allow residents to perform basic movements. By performing two-shoulder exercises, your seniors can perform other arm movements with ease. Basic functions like passing a bowl of food across the table, lifting a bag, hanging clothes on the line among others. If they start complaining about shoulder pains, ask them to perform two-shoulder exercises. This will help get rid of shoulder pains.

The Impact of Consistency on Physical Health

Working out with consistency is crucial for the physical health of your seniors. Running for 5 miles on one day to offset the days you missed is not ideal. This will only be painful for your muscles. The key is consistency. It is too straining for the body to experience irregular spurts of a stressful workout. Their muscles, tendons and ligaments will adjust to the routine if it is consistent.

Your seniors should be aware of the importance of starting at a slower pace. Check with the staff of any aged care Brighton has today for the right exercises for your seniors. Performing workout routines 3 days every week is useful, effective and safe. Inform the facility ahead if your seniors are used to doing cardiovascular exercises. These exercises include running, walking and biking on a weekly basis. Visit to find out more info on Brighton age care centres you can trust.

Post Author: Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson